Votes for Gwen Campaign Concedes Election

Votes for Gwen Campaign Concedes Election

After ensuring that each vote cast in District 14 was accounted for, the Votes for Gwen campaign acknowledges it will not prevail in the final vote tally and concedes the election.

“Thank you to every person who supported the Votes for Gwen campaign with a vote, donation or endorsement. I am so grateful for you all. Together we made history. I am the daughter of parents who grew up in the Jim Crow South. Throughout their lives they fought for my right to vote and run for political office. Following in their footsteps by running to be a Cayuga County Legislator is one of the most powerful moments in my life. I know I made them very proud. Best wishes to the Cayuga County Legislature as it continues to work on behalf of all county residents.” – Gwen Webber-McLeod, Democratic Candidate Cayuga County Legislature District 14

Gwen Webber-McLeod is a first-time political candidate. She organized and inspired a diverse, multi- generational team of volunteers to run her Votes for Gwen campaign. “The Votes for Gwen campaign team believed in and continue to believe in Gwen’s vision for a brighter future for her beloved ‘Diverse and Vibrant District 14.’ Although she was not elected, in this particular race, the entire campaign team remains committed to serving the community. The goal is to continually advocate for and improve the
quality of life for families in District 14. – Angela Daddabo, Votes for Gwen Campaign Manager. The campaign ended with an official vote tally of 583-597, a 14-vote difference.

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