Gwen Webber-McLeod for Cayuga County Legislator

Gwen Webber-McLeod Featured in Rochester Woman Online

Gwen Webber-McLeod was profiled in the March/April 2019 issue of Rochester Woman Online magazine as one of the highlighted “Visionary Minds.” In the article, Gwen noted that part of her motivation for running for political office is due to the current conditions of the United States.

Writer Tammy Reese said that Gwen is “an Entrepreneur who is breaking through glass ceilings with accomplishments, and awards often references she has her hands on the back of established and up and coming business women making their mark and she really does. A true powerhouse of passion, support, and mentorship to women with drive, talent, and leadership skills. Being selfless in her various successes, Gwen believes she has an obligation to assist others coming behind her as her ancestors did.”

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